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I am Dr Tracey Jones, the founder of AHS. I am a science graduate with a PhD in pharmacy, and with many years experience of working in drug development. For the past 12 years I have been working from home, helping students with their assignments. I have supported hundreds of students in writing essays, assignments and research proposals, whether undergraduates or postgraduates. Many are international students, studying in the UK and originating from all over the world including Asia, Africa, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

I have extensive experience in proofreading and editing academic texts, as well as research and technical writing across a wide range of disciplines. My forte particular lies in science and social science. I am especially confident in dealing with medical, nursing and social work assignments, essays or projects.

I recognise the stress and pressure many students feel, particulary when their tutors are failing to guide or support them. Do not worry, I am here to help. I have built up a solid reputation and have an exemplary record.

In the past I worked for a number of online editing and writing services. Unfortunately, online companies like and ivory research forbid students to contact researchers directly to discuss their work, something which I have found to be terribly unproductive, frustrating and the cause of several misunderstandings. Their charges can also be prohibitively high. I therefore no longer work for these companies.

This is your chance to overcome your insecurities and doubts and obtain a first-class service with complete confidence and confidentiality at an unbeatable price.

I can effectively guide students by helping them plan and organise their work. I can then proofread, edit and make suggested changes to improve their draft texts. This benefits the student enormously as I essentially provide a mentoring or tutoring service as part of the cost.

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Proofreading entails addressing the spelling, punctuation, grammar, referencing, formatting and syntax of a document, as well as highlighting any inconsistencies, errors or omissions and formatting. With academic texts this requires the proofreader to have knowledge in the student's particular field of academia. My expertise includes biological sciences, nursing, medicine, pharmacology and social work.

Choose your service according to your specific needs

  • Service 1 (standard proofreading) - Proofreading a document of up to 6000 words. This involves addressing the spelling, punctuation, grammar, referencing, formatting and syntax of a document, as well as highlighting any errors or omissions.
  • Service 2 (bulk proofreading) - Proofreading a document of over 6000 words. This involves addressing the spelling, punctuation, grammar, referencing, formatting and syntax of a document, as well as highlighting any errors or omissions.
  • Service 3 (stylistic, academic edit and proofreading) - In addition to proofreading, this superior service is a stylistic and academic copy edit in your subject area. This entails refining the flow & style of the written English and the technical use of academic language, along with clarification and suggestions via provision of editor comments.
  • Service 4 (written plan) - Providing a plan for an essay, assignment or other document which aligns with the specification and learning objectives and includes provision of a suitable number of quality academic references from appropriate sources such as peer reviewed journals.



To the lovely dear Dr Jones who has basically been my total hero throughout the whole project, and will always be a legend!!!!

THANK YOU sssssooooo much this has been amazing, you are such a Treasure.

The essay was everything I want and more.


Words cannot describe how if feel right now happy happy.

I am one satisfied customer thank you very very very much, in the near future I will need you again.

I have failed one of my academic essays! I was wondering whether you will be happy to have a look at my re-written essay and make necessary changes?....Thank you very much it looks great!!!! Im sure I will pass now!

I have got nothing to say. The essay now looks fantastic to me. The essay is awesome.

Hi I am doing a masters course on ***** nursing. I have principally done essay and had my feedback from tutor could I sent to you to help me improve?

Hi I've read the improved essay, really happy with it. Can I also call upon your assistance in the future using a similar approach to what we have done. eg I write and you hekp reformulate?

I have this assignment due in on monday I have't started it!! Help!! I wondered if you could help me with an essay plan.

Thank you very much I really appreciate your help with this, you have done a fantastic job! I have a few more assignments due in soon so I will definitely be in touch.

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